Indian Ocean & Asia Cruises


Asia cruises offer a rich mix of historical sites, diverse culture and impressive scenery all of which can be seen, or visited on your tour of the region. River cruises are particularly popular when visiting this part of the world and provide a unique and exciting twist on a cruise holiday.

The Yangtze is the third largest river in the world, meandering for almost 4,000 miles. It stretches from the Tibetan plateau, through awe-inspiring gorges, to Shanghai and the South China Sea. Sailing the Mekong meanwhile offers visits to such landmarks as Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh.

Indian Ocean

Gentle seas and the hospitable, friendly ambiance of both island and mainland ports are making the Indian Ocean, an increasingly popular cruise designation.

Warm weather, with rain generally falling in short showers during the evenings, makes this an enjoyable region for cruising all year round – although India’s west coast is best avoided during the monsoon season of June to September.. The Maldives, Goa and Kerala receive similar weather patterns to each other with humidity and rainfall at its highest between May and October. Some of these cruises may also include Egypt and the Red Sea within their itineraries.

If you are thinking of travelling to this part of the world alone then take a look at the solo cruises that we have to offer and see if you can save yourself some money.

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